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November 18th, 2006

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09:34 am - Music rules.
Can anyone else track their musical opinions by this list? I know and love almost every song from 1994 -- when I started junior high -- to present, but could care less about the majority of the pre-1994 songs. (Aw, memories -- it's the soundtrack of post-junior high life. :) Apparently I didn't have a musical opinion of my own until I turned 12 and discovered Green Day.)

Then again, not only is it just one genre of music, but most of the teachers at school would say, "You were in seventh grade in 1994?!!! I was graduated from COLLEGE before then!!!!", sooooo....maybe it is just me. :)

EDITED to add: Ooo! this list is even better (and includes more years.) I can also tell when I STOPPED listening to the radio.

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