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July 7th, 2006

10:47 pm
GOOD THINGS I JUST RECENTLY FOUND (in no particular order):

The Marx Brothers.I knew who they were, obviously, but had never seen a movie until Patrick brought them from home. TEH FUNNAY!

Nickel Creek. My mom bought the CDs, and I'd had them a while and never really given them a thorough listen.

Coconut Creme Hershey's Kisses. O.M.F.G. Two of my favorite things in the world...COMBINED TOGETHER. God is smiling upon me. I found them in Kroger when I went to Raleigh to visit Amanda, and if this is a limited edition thing, I will cry. A lot. And storm the Hershey factories with a torch and pitchfork. FANS OF COCONUT, UNITE!!!

My new glasses, Part II. The original ones got stepped on in Raleigh. These are the same style, but they're PURPLE! YAY PURPLE!

Virginia (as in, the state). Okay, I knew about this one too, but I was reminded when we drove to North Carolina. So pretty!

So You Think You Can Dance. Though I haven't been watching the past few weeks, Travis is my dance boyfriend. Dibs. I told Patrick he was allowed to pick a dance girlfriend, and after a small amount of deliberation, he picked Cat. (I don't think he understands the rules of this game, which are "Don't pick the HOT BRITISH HOSTESS, dammit.")

Johnny Depp. Okay, so this one isn't so recent -- I've known this one since the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. When I was a freshman at BG, Scott P. made some comment about how "every girl in the world has a secret crush on Johnny Depp." I remember being like, "Johnny Depp? You mean Johnny 'Edward Scissorhands' Depp? Eh. Not seein' it, dude." But now? I can't help but admire how luscious he looks in eyeliner his awesome acting skills. He's great.
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May 7th, 2006

08:33 pm - Okay, it's not quite 9 p.m. I'll do a real update.
Drove to Columbus yesterday morning, and came back the same night. I really dislike doing that because not only does it limit the time I get to spend there, but I'm usually really tired on my way back. It was definitely way past my turn to do some driving, though, since Patrick and his brother Tim drive up here at least once a month to go to Port Clinton, so I sucked it up and drove on down. I'm glad I went -- a combination of Patrick, Graeters ice cream, and the Hocking Hills is a very nice way to spend a lovely spring Saturday. :) Once I got there, we had lunch and took our traditional Half Price Books shopping trip, then drove down to....Circleville, maybe? At least somewhere thereabouts. We went to "Tar Hollow State Park", enjoyed the sunshine, and played on the beach for a while (I saw TADPOLES!!! In the WATER!!!! There were JILLIONS of 'em!!!! And they LIKED ME!!!!!! It was EXCITING!!!! Because I'm SEVEN!!!!! ;) ). I enjoy that I'm with someone who is not only a big ol' book geek like me, but will patiently put up with the fact that I am completely entertained for at least 20 minutes by sticking my hands in water filled with baby frogs. (Question: Is it illegal to take tadpoles from a state park? Because I totally want to bring a couple home and watch them grow into Kermit.) I think patience is a key personality trait if you want to be in a successful relationship with me. (Either that or follow the rule of, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em", because he was sticking his hands in the froggy water too. :) )

I also gave Patrick and Tim my leftover Burger King crowns (I had gathered a bunch for my kindergarteners to wear at their Cinco de Mayo concert on Friday). The ones I got from the BK in Vermilion had "LAWS OF THE CROWN" printed on the back, and so I think I started a war in the Kennedy household. Rules behind the cut if you're interested...they're amusing, especially when I visualize my friends playing. :) I don't eat at their restaurant anymore, but I will play their crafty game.Collapse )

I bet we'll have a royalty war the next time the boys come to visit. :) (Tim - you will be dethroned. Fear my stubby, left-handed, Italian wrath.)

END OF SCHOOL - T MINUS FIVE WEEKS. I have crazy "I need summer vacation"-itis. I have a bunch of events already planned, which include the Duct Tape and International festivals, road tripping with Vicki to North Carolina to visit Amanda, seeing Wicked (because Amanda loves me :) ), going to the islands for the 4th of July with Patrick (it'll be our one-year anniversary...everybody say it together: "Awwwww." Okay, now feel free to throw up all over your shoes. ;) ), Cedar Point-ing (I WILL go this summer, dammit), and of course, the obligatory band camp working. Throw in working at Curves a couple days a week, and you've got a nice full summer for Al.

Also, when school gets out, I get to go shopping for my dress for Ligaya's wedding! I am SO excited. (About the wedding, I mean. Okay, and the dress too. Not gonna lie. But mostly the wedding.) I can't wait until she's home for the summer and we can be all girly squee about it. :)

Alright. Enough from me already. Time for bed. The faster I sleep, the faster tomorrow will be over, right?

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08:24 pm - I swear I'm going to start doing real updates here.....

LJ Interests meme results

  1. cats:
    KITTY!! I like them. They are more low-maintenance than dogs, but still cute and snuggly and fun. Grandma and I currently support a family of strays -- we even have a sign above the back porch door that says "Alley Cats Rescued Here". It's very appropriate. Patrick's allergic to them, though -- sadness. :(
  2. curves gym:
    Where I started working out on August 20, 2004, and began working part-time in July of 2005. Needless to say, I fricking love this place, not only because it's a fun and supportive place to work out, but also because I think it's saved me from an early grave. If you look in my AIM info and see Roman numerals, that's how many pounds I've lost thanks to it. (At this point, I think I've lost approximately one and a half sorority girls.)
  3. eeyore:
    My favorite Disney character. Random fact: I think I have maybe one or two Eeyore items that I bought for myself -- everything else I have, other people have purchased for me.
  4. hal sparks:
    HiLARious. I went to see him at OU last spring with Carleigh and I met him and I was nervous as hell and I lost the ability to speak and we took pictures and it was awesome.
  5. labrador retrievers:
    The only kind of dog I've ever owned. I had a black lab (Shasta) as a kid, and now I have a yellow lab (Caleb) that lives with Carleigh's family. Once I get out of school for the summer, he and I are going to walk in the park like there's no tomorrow. Labs are great dogs.
  6. lewis black:
    Very funny comedian....I was introduced to his stuff at some point in college. Strange that the funniest thing about his act is when he gets to the point of frustration that you think he might bust a blood vessel in his forehead, but he's pee-your-pants funny.
  7. michael buble:
    *loses ability to speak*

    If you have not heard this man sing, please do. He's Harry Connick Jr.-ish, but even better because he's CANADIAN. And even if you don't want to listen to him sing, just go look at him. Frequently. Preferrably when he's in a suit. Rowr.

    (Are we noticing that many of the cool things I like, someone has introduced me to?)
  8. music:
    I've devoted the rest of my life to it. Gotta love it.
  9. piccolo:
    One of the instruments I play - I should bust that puppy out and irritate the grandmother. (She complains I don't practice enough anyway. :) )
  10. robin williams:
    Okay, this one I didn't have to be introduced to by someone else -- I already knew about him. He is TEH FUNNY! And holy crap can you imagine attempting to keep up in a conversation with him? He'd have you passed out from lack of air in about three seconds.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

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April 15th, 2006

10:20 am - No big post-surgery complaints...
the al is radioactive. Wear protective clothing at all times.


From Go-Quiz.com

Surgery went well...I am feeling surprisingly good. The worst part was waking up from the anesthesia. My mouth has been horrendously dry ever since then, and I kept trying to pull my oxygen mask off because it was really uncomfortable. When I was in the recovery room afterwards, however, I was like, "Holy crap. I figured I'd be begging people to end my life right now, but....I'm just fine!!"

Pain-wise, it hurts to get up and sit down, so once I'm in a spot, I like to stay there for a while. Sometimes I feel a little nauseous, but that could also be because I haven't eaten much in the past two days. My shoulders kind of hurt too.... which is because they do the operation with a teeeeny little camera, so they put air into you to push the abdominal wall away from all your organy goodness. So basically, I'm an Al Balloon. How festive. ;) I took my pain meds yesterday, but all they do is make me sleep, so after lunch today I'm going to try Advil instead. I just feel like I did a horrendous round of situps and my abs are reeeeeaally sore. So if you happen to see me, please don't hug me...a firm handshake will do just fine. :)
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March 3rd, 2006

Katie mocks me TWICE:
KA: haha
KA: why?? it's just water

Reading Katie's livejournal and then discussing it with her always leads to entertainment:
AL: oh katie
AL: ....you did NOT
AL: put liquid dish soap in the dishwasher.
KA: lol
KA: i so did
KA: and lois [her tortoise], who now wants to kill me in my sleep i think
KA: she's ignoring me
AL I just snorted grape flavored water out my nose, I hope you know.
KA: and my day is complete

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February 28th, 2006

06:38 pm - Thought of the day, brought on by a PJK post:
Patrick was pointing out that many of the athletes at OSU just wear their NIKE sweatsuits to class after practice, which he thinks is uncouth because while you are at an institute of higher learning, you should dress as such. While I don't disagree with his point, I pointed out that non-athletes didn't usually dress much better. (I think our college uniform must have been Dance Marathon t-shirts and those yoga pants with BGSU on the butt....either that or I just walked past a lot of sorority girls on my way to Psych 101.)

Personally, I didn't go to class in my PJ pants. (My reasoning was that nobody wanted to see my butt publicly swathed in blue plaid.) However, if I had had to wear anything better than t-shirts and jeans on a regular basis, I would have......okay FINE, I would have sucked it up and dealt with it, because I do that every day now as a teacher. But I still probably would have complained about it at the time, because hi, COMFORT IS IMPORTANT AT 8 AM.

So, thoughts from the peanut gallery:
There are dress codes at places of employment and in school districts....what about collegiate ones? They do have their place, but would they be necessary? Would it make for a better learning environment?

(Do colleges actually HAVE dress codes? I mean, there's gotta be SOME kind of limitation on what you can/can't wear. I think certain private ones do, but what about state colleges and such?)

On a sidenote, he was also pointing out the stupidity of girls wearing flip-flops in the snow. I must say, college girls often turn especially stupid in the name of fashion. Drive down the main drag of your college down at bar closing time on a cold night and witness all the girls too fashion-conscious to wear more than a tube top out bar-hopping, and too drunk to care. (Sleeves are for the weak and fashion impared!!!)

We in the Den of Sin used to make a sport out of it by yelling disparaging remarks out car windows...we called it "Hoe-ing" ;) Sure, not mature, but still highly amusing (unless you were stupid and did it at a red light...oops.) Especially funny was Wags'/Morgan's doppler effect, "hooooooOOOOOOOooooooees...." Mahaha.

And not like we know any guys that wore, like, shorts all year round, or anything weird like that. *cough*
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February 26th, 2006

*I think I haven't updated in a while because I am incapable of writing a short journal entry. (That and 90% of my life is school, and I can't write about that here....) I ought to start updating more frequently with random thoughts like Patrick does. (He's better at being succinct than me, though.) Instead, I'll just combine all my latest random thoughts into one big entry.

*I have to have surgery. WHEEE!......Oh wait. No. Turns out my gall bladder hates me. After a few small attacks, it finally caused me excruciating pain on New Year's Day (after a four-day "bender", relatively speaking, of eating at restaurants and drinking a decent amount of alcohol.) The four big risk factors for gallstones are being white, female, middle-age, and overweight. (I'll take "Three Of The Four Risk Factors" for $500, Alex.) It's thought that losing a lot of weight will make you develop them as well, so there's another whammy. So come Good Friday (or April 14th to those of you not following the religious holidays), I will be sans "small painful organ located under my liver". I also get to spend most of my spring break flat on my back -- and no, not in the fun way.

*BIG NEWS in the salad world: I just realized that Catalina and French dressing are totally not the same thing!! AND!! Catalina dressing comes in a low fat version! Here I was assuming my whole life that I liked some obscure form of French dressing, when really, it's been CATALINA I've liked this whole time! My interest in salads has increased. *Does the happy Catalina dance*

*Trent Reznor is STILL writing depressing, angsty, bad-junior-high-poetry-"I hate my life"-type lyrics. How OLD is this guy, anyway?" I proceeded to IMDB and found this highly amusing factoid:
"Trent played tenor sax in The Mercer Junior and Senior high marching bands."
Are you SEEING this in your head??? Whenever I watched the Harry Potter movies, I used to sing Nine Inch Nails lyrics whenever Snape came onscreen. (Oh come on, TELL me they don't look the same.) Now instead of picturing Severus Snape in Neville's-Grandma-wear, I'm picturing him in a band uniform. (Hey, that could be a great Harry Potter book -- "Harry Potter and the Enchanted Shako".)

*I love that I frequently use parentheses to differentiate my non sequiturs from the rest of my paragraph -- like it helps my paragraphs keep a logical flow or something. Right.

*Speaking of musical artists, do you know who I like again all of the sudden? Seal. Problem is, I like his remakes of other songs, such as "Fly Like An Eagle" and "Walk On By", so does that really qualify as liking Seal, or just liking his choice in remakes?

*Wikipedia is my new favorite reference website, right up there with Google, IMDB, and dictionary.com.

*Being a girl, I was unaware that apparently, part of the "guy code" is knowing the words to a drinking song (more specifically, "Show Me The Way To Go Home" from the movie "Jaws". (Don't ask me, I just relay the information. Boys are weird.)

*If my favorite American Idols get kicked off early in the show because I go to bed early and can't vote, I am going to be PISSED. Just for the record, my favorites are Tyler (the grey haired guy), Paris, Will, and Katherine, in that order. I have to say, though, I was impressed by Elliot and Ayla this week, and I kind of like Chris too. I could take or leave Ace, but he definitely picked a good song to sing.

That's all for now. :)
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November 13th, 2005

08:05 am - WOOOO to getting older :)
Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!!! LoveMeLoveMeLoveMeLoveMeLoveMe.....

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June 23rd, 2005

08:51 pm
Cruise details forthcoming...I'm trying to organize all my pictures first so I can post the best ones online. (If I posted them all, I think I'd fill up the internet...between Jodie, the Kuliks, and I, we have a jillion!!) Then you can see pictures of the fun things I did and the pretty places I went and be jealous. :-D

Suffice to say now that it was the coolest thing I have ever done, and Jodie and I are already scoping prices and dates for our next one. ;)
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May 2nd, 2005

09:02 pm
Hey, everyone should do this. All you do is pick a user name and log the activity you do every day. You can even win awards!!! (Oh come on, who DOESN'T want an official patch or a pretty medal?? It's like elementary school gym class all over again.) You can compare your progress and even join groups in your area! I am doing the "Presidential Champions" one, under adults. (Cuz, you know, I'm a champion. :) )

Speaking of which, while you're at it, join the group I formed. I know it's based out of Vermilion, but anyone anywhere could do it -- we're not required to be in the same city. Ask me for the name/ID number if you're interested, and you can sign up.


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